Daulat Ra’jat ini sempat menjadi wacana di cornell publication


Adapun , Daulat Ra’jat ini digunakan untuk mengganti “Daulat Tuanku”
seperti yang diquote dari buku Indonesia free dibawah ini:

… Hatta rejected the use of the term demokrasi asli (indigeneous
democracy) in case it was used by “backward looking aristocrats to
maintain their feudalistic system (of a slavish nature) in
Indonesia, using Indonesia’s past as an example.”. Hatta was warning
againts Java’s ‘aristocratic principle’ introducing too deeply into
nationalist ideals. He explained: “in short, daulat tuanku
(sovereignity of the master) must be replaced by daulat ra’jat, that
is the basis of the people’s government, the basis of genuine
democracy, the intention of all ‘demokrasi asli’ whether it be in
athens , rome or in the traditional indonesian village, in the clan

* =mohammad hatta “demokrasi asli indonesia dan kedualtatan ra’jat,
daulat ra’jat , january 16 1932.