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from abu hanifah book, tales of revolution:

the other political opponent of soekarno cabinet was Tan Malaka, who was already known during the dutch time as one of the top leaders of Indonesia Communist Party. He represented PKI at 4th Congress of Comintern. He was the leader of an attempted strike of government pawnshop employees, but was arrested by the Dutch and given the choice of exile to Timor to to leave Indonesia. He then left for Russia. After spending some time in Russa, China , Japan and other places in Asia he managed to get back to Java, probably in 1944. It was rumoured that he spent most of his time in the south of Bantam, West Java and that he was there under protection of high ranking japaneese officers.

It was said that Subardjo knew of the existence of tan malaka in batam and that he had contacted him several times.

Comments : In malvin rose’s Hatta book, subardjo knew Tan Malaka from PI era and in fact, only Subardjo recognized Tan Malaka

The afterwards well known Adam Malik and Soekarni were introduced to Tan Malaka, It is possible that Tan Malaka was used by Japaneese for several purpose.

Comment: this is somethng new for me

He was known as a former leader of old PKI and as opponent of the Stalin line (Trotskysm). As that time Stalin was the enemy of Japan, the japaneese probably hoped that graduates of their school under subardjo and tan malaka would form a communist front hostile to the allied force. These were the speculation of most indonesian intellectuals. My own impression was that the japaneese concerrned about their future defeat , looked towards soviet russia as possible future ally because of the antagonistic ways of life of west and the communist.

Comment: this school refer to “Ashrama” in Menting 31if i remember correctly where Soekarno, Hatta and Sjahrir teached young Indonesian about nationalism and economics. It’s very interesting actually that this school is driven by Japaneese navy (the army didn’t quite like the idea) and in its daily aspect, is teaching more socialist ideas. Something that even Sjahrir itself is impressed. (Mrazek book)

the soekarno hatta group was supported by the more moderate nationalist who may have had socialistic ideas about how to govern a country byt were firm enough in their nationalism, and by sjahrir followeres, who were more marxist inclined although they abhorred communism.