tales of revolution pp 263.

his name was sangadji and he belonged to the ambonese people who had embraced moslem faith, he is 61 years old. He gave me inside information about the life stories of people like the old leaders haji agus salim, tjokroaminoto and even younger days of soekarno. he told me not only about the strengths but also the weakness of the old leaders.

he described to me  tjokroamino, once the unknown king of the moslems movement up to 1920, sangadji says: he was a real man, he was a good orator. Soekarno is his real pupil. But he was also a kind of devil-may-care fellow, a javaneese casanova. in his time he was a good leader until the younger more dynamic leaders such as alimin and musso rebelled againts him. they were trained by the dutch communist then living in semarang, so they had the most modern ideas and they had brains too. soekarno was his pupil in more ways than one. i mean he was a ladies man especially after his first wife died. then he declined slowly till he was just a show of the old dashing leader people once knew. He said a lot more and i have included most of this information about the old national movement of the twenties in this book. he was a dear old man. i remember him with affection and sadness. Afterwards he was shot down and killed by roaming dutch soldiers during dutch invasion of jogjakarta.