Hamid Algadri relationship with Sjahrir was very close. He should knew about his financial situation,  especially after his resignation as Prime Minister. He had a large family, even before his marrigage, he had brought home with him several foster children from Banda Neira where he was exiled , including Des Alwi.

Hamid thought at that time that he was doing well economically, being ex-PM and ex-chairman of BP KNIP, but the guess was wrong.

One day as usual, Hamid visited Sjahrir at his house on Jalan Jawa and was talking with him in the front room. But that day he seemed restless, every now and then he stood up and went to the back of the house.

“What’s wrong “, Hamid thought, At last i followed him t the back of the house. There i saw a man looking and pointing at a sewing machine in the room. “What is going” , Hamid asked the man. “That sewing machine is for sale” he answered.

Hamid startled and looked upon Sjahrir, he explained calmly “There is no money for the household”.

Hamid then left Sjahrir house and went to his friend to tell them about the situation, since then Sjahrir’s friend regularly collected the money for our INDONESIAN PRIME MINISTER.

*PM Sjahrir as statesman and diplomat,LP3ES, pp. 92