ada yang menarik dari buku soekarno by Penders (1972) ini:

Unlike soekarno, TJipto belief in democracy remained until the end of this life and in his view of traditional Javaneese civilization which was basically feudal in character had to be obliterated.

He considered that western education and its subsequent social and cultural dislocation was indispensable in creating revolutionary atmoshphere. From the beginning Tjipto had disagreede with the emphasis put by Budi Utomo on the reinvogoration of the traditional Javaneese civilization. As he had put it in a 1916 debate:

“The psyche of the Javanese people has been changed to such an extent that a change of language, or more cynically a killing of the language has become urgent. Only in this way will it be possible to build another language on its ruins and also another civilization.

(Tjipto ,Kolonial Onderwijs Congress, 1916, p/55).